Rev. John’s Pen

Today I reconnected with an old friend. He was cried as I reached out to him. One never knows what one is going through. It reminds me of the story of the little boy acting out on the bus and the people were getting upset with the boy’s father. The father replied , awaken from his daze,” Oh I am sorry, you see his mother just died and he doesn’t know how to respond to her death.” We never know what the person is going through next to us on the train, at work, or at leisure. Clearly the holy spirit called me to reach out to my friend. We will be reconnecting in person and I will sustain him and his family. How about you? Have you reached out to a long lost friend? Call them up. Reach out. You never know, you will be an angel in disguise. May the angels stir our souls this Lenten season to reach out to uplift a weary soul. 

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